4 Clowns
Conceived and Directed
by Jeremy Aluma

"Aluma may be saying that human pain is at once particular and universal; what's certain is his cast is gifted,
including musical director Ellen Warkentine as the one woman orchestra in the wings". GO! 

~ Amy Nicholson, LA Weekly

Review: http://bit.ly/c1jytr

"Their dramatic, chaotic and often dark stories remind us why humanity invented comedy in
the first place: Life is painful and then you die so why not laugh and smile a little in between". 
~ Freddy Puza, LA Theatre Review
Full Review http://bit.ly/bdB1UC

"The playful, troublemaking 4 Clowns offer a night out you won’t soon forget.
The 4 Clowns are thrillingly unique, and you could possibly leave asking,"Did that really just happen?”. 
~Stephanie Forshee, Campus Circle
Full Review: http://bit.ly/dsiZjb

"The cast are all versatile, distinctive and eye-catching".
~ Trish Ostroski, Tolucan Times 
Full Review http://bit.ly/aToIeV

"Aluma’s 4 Clowns had a powerhouse design team behind them".
~ Marlon Deleon, Examiner  
Full Review: http://bit.ly/cC30G6

"This piece is a must-see for lovers of spontaneity, devised-movement theatre,
and laughing til you cry".
~ Kat Primeau, LA Theatre Review
Full Review: http://bit.ly/95Ggmf

"Each clown is an honest, albeit exaggerated, version of humanity, expertly crafted
and directed by Jeremy Aluma and his quartet of brilliant clowns".
~ Ashley Steed, LA Theatre Review
Full Review: http://bit.ly/95Ggmf
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